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Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago, or "TT" as Trinis call it, lies just about 11 miles off the coast of South America. Christopher Columbus called it the Isla de la Trinidad (the island of the Trinity) back in 1498. Today, this 1841 square mile isle, along with its little sister Tobago, has grown world famous for its fantastic Carnival! Steel pan gets played into the early morning hours as paraders "chip" through city streets in spectacular costumes. Needless to say, the rum flows freely!


But Carnival's not the only game in town. Trinidad's famous throughout the Caribbean for its Indian/Caribbean/African delights, like roti and doubles. Tobago gets the attention for its beaches, but you'll find awesome spots on Trinidad itself, like Maracas beach, with its shark-and-bake sandwiches. And the Asa Wright Center with amazingly lovely bird-life. Stay on the lookout for upcoming posts about this exotic and intriguing place.
















                                                                                                 (Photo credit: Jakob Martynski, from Flickr)

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