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British Virgin Islands


You can't argue with the fact the the British Virgin Islands (or BVIs) are beautiful. Who would want to? Whether you are on Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, or Jost Van Dyke, the scenery is certain to take your breath away. But any islander knows that islands are more intriguing and more fascinating than a gorgeous stretch of beach, and these British Overseas Territories are no exception. Whether you are in Hopetown, the capital on Tortola, or stopping off on one of the 15 uninhabited isles, the BVIS prove themselves to be unforgettable.


We Island Runaways are thrilled to welcome Chrissan Nickel, editor-in-chief of the fabulous blog Women Who Live on Rocks, who makes her home on Virgin Gorda, as our latest Island Expert! Watch this space for new posts on the incomparable British Virgin Islands.
























(Necker Island. Photo by kansasphoto, Flickr)



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