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Around 100 miles north of South America lies a gorgeous tropical isle called Grenada. Famous for its delectable nutmeg (used in plenty of rum drinks), this island's nickname is, appropriately enough, the "Spice Island." In fact, the country of Grenada consists of not one, but three beautiful islands: Grenada itself, Carriacou (pronounced Carry-Ah-Coo), and Petite Martinique.


Grenadians have a reputation of being some of the friendliest folks in the Caribbean. Combine that with exquisite stretches of sand, clear dappled seas, an authentic culture, and laid-back attitudes, and you can quickly see why it continues to gain loyal followers who return, by sailboat or airplane, year after year.


The Island Runaways duo, Zickie and Laura, have started 2015 with a trip to explore, discover, and scout out Grenada for you, our fellow island lovers. With more direct flights (on American Airlines) from Miami, this is one destination that's more accessible than ever before.

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