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Mellow Crandon Beach on Key Biscayne

There's no denying the thrill of discovering someplace new and exotic. Whether the island in question is Cuba or Koh Samet off the coast of Thailand, I (Laura) find myself fascinated by tropical getaways filled with adventure and unexpected experiences. On the other hand...sometimes there's nothing as relaxing as crossing a bridge and spending the morning at a familiar beach on a nearby isle.

(Walking out to Crandon Beach on Key Biscayne. Photo by Zickie Allgrove.)

The Island Runaways duo are fortunate enough to be headquartered in south Florida, not far from a series of islands where coconut palms and warm seas act as a constant temptation. One of our favorites? Key Biscayne. You'll find the causeway to Key Biscayne (and its sister island, Virginia Key) just south of downtown Miami and the Brickell neighborhood. Cruise on over, and ta-daaa! The hectic metropolis fades into the distance, and you have your choice of beaches.

(Key Biscayne has a variety of beaches. Photo by Zickie Allgrove.)

Crandon Beach Park is just one of Key Biscayne's offerings, and if you're in the Miami area, it's worth a visit. The atmosphere here is family-friend and mellow, just like the calm waters of Biscayne Bay. In shaded areas near the parking lot, folks grill and unpack picnics. There are showers, restrooms, and life guards to add to the convenience factor.

(A lifeguard station at Crandon Beach Park. Photo by Zickie Allgrove.)

The swath of sand here is both wide and long. No, the sea isn't as clear as the Caribbean ocean you'll find off Guadeloupe or St. Martin, but it's gentle enough to float and paddle around in utter serenity.

(Plenty of space on Key Biscayne. Photo by Zickie Allgrove.)

Today we drove over and spent a leisurely hour and a half soaking up the sun, swimming, playing paddleboard, and reading a few pages of an island guidebook.

(Beach through a vintage filter. Photo by Laura Albritton.)

The fact is, you can visit a number of islands if you happen to be in the Miami area. World famous South Beach is on an island; in fact, Miami Beach itself consists of a series of barrier islands. For fun, excitement, and an intriguing party scene, Miami Beach is hard to top. But if you're on the hunt for a chill vibe and a no-hassle experience -- in south Florida -- consider Key Biscayne. And Crandon Beach Park!

Have you ever visited Florida's Key Biscayne? If so we'd love to know what you thought, either in the comments below, or via our Guest Island Experts page. Thanks, fellow island lovers!

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