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"Why Grenada?" they ask. Here's Reason Number One.

When Zickie and I announced we were celebrating our wedding anniversary on the Spice Island, a.k.a., Grenada, more than one person asked, "Why Grenada?" In other words, out of all the islands to choose from, out of all the Caribbean getaways we might plan, what in the world led you to pick this one? To answer, I could give the practical reason: the daily direct flight from Miami to Maurice Bishop International minimizes hassle, and a low-hassle-factor tops our list when we're looking to relax. Another response? I'd heard from a Caribbean expert (Steve Bennett of Uncommon Caribbean fame) that the folks on Grenada were among the friendliest you'll ever meet. But let's be honest here. The really persuasive argument for exploring this island? This photo may provide a clue:

Island Runaways

(A clue why people choose Grenada. Photo (c) Laura Albritton.)

Yes, I have to admit, Zickie and I are both suckers for beautiful beaches. Perusing my collection of Caribbean travel guidebooks, online tropical blogs, and You Tube videos unearthed some pretty nice images of Grenada's (and Carriacou's) stretches of sand and sea.

island travel blog

(The photogenic beach. Photo (c) Laura Albritton.)

All the photos in today's post were snapped on Grande Anse, arguably the country's best known beach, in the southwest of this lovely tropical island. Several hotels and resorts sit directly on the shore, including Coyaba, Spice Island, and the Radisson; this two-mile long oasis also remains a popular destination for its beach bars (Umbrellas and the Owl, to name just two).

After arriving late on New Year's Eve, we started 2015 right by driving to Grande Anse at lunch-time. The ocean water glowed a soft aqua blue and the sand scrunched between our toes as we walked the length of this very attractive slice of paradise. In the distance, we could spot the capital city, St. George's, and lush, green hills, while other angles just enveloped you in all the oceanic tints of the sea.

Grenada beach

(Grande Anse beach from another angle. Photo (c) Laura Albritton.)

Locals and travelers alike were having themselves a great afternoon, swimming, hanging out, liming, playing in the sand, drinking, and eating.

Grenada Grande Anse

(Folks enjoying the beach. Photo (c) Zickie Allgrove.)

Being Grenada's most popular beach, Grande Anse wasn't deserted...but it didn't feel cramped either. Zickie and I had been on the island for less than 24 hours, but already the stress of the holidays started to dissipate as we breathed in fresh salt air and felt the sea embrace us with its calm, gentle waves.

Caribbean travel blog

(Grande Anse seemed to have plenty of space for relaxation. Photo (c) Laura Albritton.)

While there are plenty of attractions that make Grenada and its little sister Carriacou worth the trip (which we'll share in future posts), the southwestern coast makes an excellent -- and obvious -- reason number one, don't you think?

island getaway

(Pretty as a postcard Grande Anse, Grenada. Photo (c) Laura Albritton.)

Have you ever traveled to Grenada, fellow Island Runaways? If so, hope you will share a picture...or two!

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