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Island Dreaming...Carriacou "the land of many reefs"

Have you ever heard of Carriacou? The Caribbean Indians called this small isle, part of Grenada, "the land of reefs." Snorkeling and scuba diving are said to be exceptional. This remote oasis of calm and tranquillity is the opposite of boom-boom nightclub excitement found in certain other corners of the West Indies. What do travelers come to Carriacou for?

Island Runaways

(Approaching Carriacou from the ferry; photo by Lloyd Morgan, Flickr)

One simple answer: beauty.

Another reason? To experience a part of the Caribbean that conjures up another era, when farming and fishing were still the way most local folks earned a living.

To get to this tropical Caribbean paradise, first you must fly into Grenada, known as "the spice island," and home to some of the most genuinely friendly people in the West Indies. Then visitors take a 90 minute ferry (which leaves twice a day) to Carriacou.

Island Runaways Caribbean blog

(A view of Carriacou's main settlement, Hillsborough; photo by Lloyd Morgan, Flickr)

You may not encounter every amenity, but there are beaches here that will break your heart.

And, oh yes, coral reefs. Even an active underwater volcano with the endearing name of Kick-'em Jenny. Who could resist?

The Island Runaways are seriously pondering how and when we can explore Carriacou and report back, just for you...

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