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Tropical Night falls...

Do you remember that song by the Police, "Bring on the Night"? The lyrics start out, "the afternoon has gently passed me by...the evening spreads its sail against the sky." Looking at this photo that Zickie took from a hotel balcony in Puerto Rico, outside San Juan, reminds us of how intensely beautiful an island night can be.

Island Runaways

Sure, we love a sunny day, swimming in the Caribbean Sea, or hiking through Jamaica's Blue Mountains with the sky a bright cerulean blue. Yet as dusk reaches the islands, the vibe becomes more mysterious. Romantic. The temperature falls and palm fronds clatter in the breeze. Time for a dinner with a view, something cool to drink...maybe dancing beneath the starry sky?

Sounds good to the Island Runaways. So, yeah, let's bring on the night!

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