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Island Inspo: Key West Flair!

As Fall leaves give way to Winter chill, we find ourselves needing some island inspiration. Scrolling through pics from one of our very favorite Florida islands, Key West, I find it's the details that enchant. Starfish on painted shutters, tropical carvings on a white picket fence. Quirky trucks and funny signs that welcome -- or warn -- the visitor.

Key West house

Over time, new residents arrive, and Key West changes -- a swapped-out color, a newly planted mini garden. The ever-evolving flair of "Old Town" never gets old. Here are a few highlights of Key West's fabulous architecture and personality...

(P.S. Check out the sign "Mermaid's Grotto" on the pink cigar maker's cottage & another that suggests "Be Aware of the Dogs." CLICK on the photos to see them full-size.)

All photographs (c) Laura Albritton for Island Runaways.

Laura Albritton is a writing instructor and the author of four books on South Florida history and travel. Her latest, Hidden History of the Florida Keys is available in hardcover and paperback at Key West Island Books and Books & Books and on Amazon.


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