Bahamas beach bar bliss: Sherry's in Bimini

Sometimes the most memorable discoveries – like the perfect Bahamas beach bar -- are the ones you don’t expect. “Island serendipity,” that’s what I call it, like when you’re out tooling around on bikes, not headed anywhere in particular, as Zickie and I were doing in Bimini one day. We had a hard time focusing on the road, because that ocean – a sterling Bahamas blue – kept popping up everywhere. It’s hard to keep your balance when you’re going gaga for the scenery.

(Sherry's, a fine Bahamas beach bar in Bimini. Photo (c) Island Runaways.)

Finally, we parked our orange bikes beside a line of little buildings just on the shore and started ambling around. It was late morning, but the sun already shone down brightly, making the tropical colors pop. We saw a vivid yellow building with a sign, “Sherry’s Beach Bar,” and decided to stop. This simple place had a deck overlooking some of the most beautiful ocean we’d ever seen (and we’ve seen some pretty beautiful seas). Tapping on the front window, I wasn’t sure if it was even open. But then, a man greeted us with a warm, Bahamian good morning. This was Eric, who if memory serves is Sherry’s son.

(Approaching Sherry's on a Bimini beach. Photo (c) Island Runaways.)

We’d already had breakfast, and had not yet worked up an appetite for lunch, which was just as well, because I don’t think Sherry’s was serving yet. The menu of food looked tantalizing, though. Fried lobster? Conch fritters? Oh, yeah. Instead, we got rum punches that mirrored the colors of a tropical sunset.

(In the Bahamas rum punch is a must. Photo (c) Island Runaways.)

(Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally drink cocktails before noon, but hey, this was a view that called out to be celebrated.) We parked ourselves at a picnic table and sipped and soaked in the salt air. The sound of the waves lulled us into a state of Bimini bliss.

(A bar with a view. Photo (c) Island Runaways.)

Eric came out a while later and started to work on the cracked conch. This is a laborious dish to prepare, because the conch needs to be really tenderized. (Otherwise, it will taste just like conch flavored rubber!) I could tell Eric was a serious cook, because he got in there with his tenderizer and used some real muscle. “We have to come back later to eat,” I told my better half, who nodded in agreement.

(Hard at work on cracked conch, a Bahamas specialty. Photo (c) Island Runaways.)

Eventually, we motivated to leave, and see more of the island. We called good-bye to Eric, and headed off toward our bikes. I wish I could say we did go back, and try some of that delicious, cracked conch with lime, but no. Another obligation cropped up, we missed out, and then it was time to leave this island paradise.

(Saying farewell to Sherry's, with one last look at the hand written menu. Photo (c) Island Runaways.)

So, that’s one more reason to return to Bimini. Not that we needed an excuse. And one thing I can swear to: Sherry’s Beach Bar sure knows how to make an ideal island cocktail. As far as Bahamas beach bars go, it hits all the right notes.

Do you have a Bahamas beach bar that we shouldn't miss? Leave a comment below!


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