A Saba Rock-style Sunday

British Virgin Islands Expert and Women Who Live on Rocks editor Chrissann Nickel is back with a new post about a sublimely beautiful isle she knows extremely well. Be warned: her photos are going to make you want to board a plane, boat, or magic carpet and fly there immediately!

Saba Rock is a small island resort in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. It's roughly one acre in size - and that's at low tide. But for such a small rock, it has a lot going for it.

(Saba Rock from above. Photo courtesy of Chrissann Nickel.)

Believe it or not, I actually used to live there. Just me, my boyfriend David (who operates the resort), two cats, and three toucans - for 5 years. We (save for one cat) recently moved off the little rock for the slightly bigger one of Virgin Gorda nearby, but David still commutes back and forth by boat to run the resort, restaurant, and marina. So yes - in full disclosure, I am partial to this little slice of paradise, but all nepotistic biases aside, I think most everyone would agree with me that this unique spot is truly one of the top treasures of the BVI.

Though I no longer live there, Saba Rock is still my go-to place for what I consider The Perfect Island Sunday. Whether you're on a sailboat anchored out front, are staying nearby on Virgin Gorda, or are one of the lucky ones to be staying in one of the resort's nine suites - here's how you, too, can soak up a Saba Rock-Style Sunday…

Take the Saba Rock ferry (free from anywhere in the North Sound) over to the rock.

(A view of the North Sound. Photo courtesy of Chrissann Nickel.)

Head straight for the bar and pop a bottle of champagne. It is Sunday, after all. In fact, you may as well make it a Bellini while you're at it!

Pick a table for lunch. While they all have a water view, my personal favorite are the cozy lounge tables out on the dock.

Treat yourself to whatever you're craving for lunch - anything from fresh BVI lobster, tropical burgers & lettuce wraps, to a crisp quinoa goat cheese salad topped with grilled Mahi (this is what I always enjoy most).

After lunch, grab a fresh bottle of champagne - or a Painkiller, if you're feel rum-y - and head out to the back sun deck. From here, I love to relax on one of the couches while I digest and watch the kiters jumping around over Eustatia reef.

(Saba Rock Sun Deck. Photo courtesy of Chrissann Nickel.)

Next, it's time for some sea therapy. Choose your pleasure - snorkeling, floating, paddle boarding, or kayaking. Either way, the crystal clear waters surrounding Saba Rock are just as much a part of the experience as the land-based amusements.

Once you're back on land, grab your towel, and head for the beach. This is where hammock time comes in.

(Hammock time. Photo: Adsanford Photography.)

Stir yourself from your breezy slumber near the 5 o'clock hour to A) get ahold of a happy hour beverage and B) watch the tarpon wrestling at the fish feeding off the front dock.

(Fun feeding the tarpon. Photo courtesy of Chrissann Nickel.)

As the day comes to a close, treat yourself to a frozen cocktail for sunset (banana daiquiri, anyone?) - I like to think of it as dessert with a view.

(Cocktail time at Saba Rock. Photo courtesy of Chrissann Nickel.)

Breathe in, breathe out. Now that's what I call a Sunday.

"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content."

(The perfect Sunday view. Photo courtesy of Chrissann Nickel.)

For more on Saba Rock, you can visit the resort's website and Facebook page.

Thank you so much, Chrissann, for this terrific post. Now you have us dreaming of a vacation on Saba Rock. For more about Chrissann, see her bio on our Island Experts page. You can also follow her fantastic blog, Women Who Live on Rocks, with its always entertaining stories of island life. One of the best blogs out there!


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