Fantasy Island: Photos of the Spice Island's La Sagesse Hotel

Days ago, the Island Runaways were clicking through our Twitter feed, and came across an image that stopped us in our tracks:

Island Runaways

(The image that stopped us in our tracks. Photo courtesy La Sagesse.)

"Ahhhh," I sighed. "Where in the world is that?"

The name of this property turned out to be La Sagesse. It even sounds...soothing.

After a little further clicking on their Twitter account, it came as no surprise that this idyllic-looking property lies on the beautiful isle of Grenada in secluded St. David's. The images of sand, Caribbean sea, and palm trees immediately made Zickie and me nostalgic for our trip to the Spice Island this past January.

island travel blog

(What a beach! Photo courtesy of La Sagesse.)

The Manor House, once owned by a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, looks absolutely charming.

Caribbean travel blog

(The Manor House at La Sagesse. Photo courtesy of La Sagesse.)

I could picture the Island Runaways staying in one of these rooms with a colonial-style four poster bed. Then again, the cottages on the property also look tempting. So does the restaurant and bar, with their brilliant beach views.

best Caribbean island to visit

(Beach bar with an excellent view. Photo courtesy of La Sagesse.)

From the description on their website, La Sagesse sounds like just our fantasy island kind of place, with little noise or hustle-and-bustle to distract you from the relaxing sound of the surf. I'm definitely adding this to our list of properties we hope to explore someday soon. As our friends and readers know, Grenada impressed us with its beauty, its friendly people, its tasty islands eats, and its laid-back attitude. It's a destination we highly recommend for anyone looking for Caribbean relaxation.

visit Grenada

(The secluded location of La Sagesse. Photo courtesy of La Sagesse.)

For now, though? We Island Runaways will just continue to drool over pictures from their Facebook page or Instagram feed, and imagine ourselves drinking a rum punch on the serene, sand cove of a place that seems to embody all you'd hope for in a dream...


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