Day-O! Celebrating Days off with Harry Belafonte

Is there anything as infectious as Harry Belafonte singing? Is there anything as worth celebrating as a day of relaxation? You put the two together, and you get the classic island tune...

Day-O! Day-a-a-O!

This traditional folk tune was born in Jamaica, from the mento musical tradition. Banana boat workers are loading heavy bunches into the cargo hold. Daylight can't come soon enough. When it does, the relief!

In 1956 Jamaican/American songster Harry Belafonte recorded it on an album titled "Calypso" and the rest, as the cliché goes, is music history. I can't listen to this West Indian anthem without breaking into a grin. The only thing more certain to bring some joy to the end of your week?

That would be the maestro himself, Mr. Belafonte, performing the much beloved lyrics of Day-O...with the Muppets. We DARE you not to smile! Hit it, Fozzie Bear!

(If you have any trouble playing the video, try this You Tube link. Cheers!)

#jamaica #islandtunes

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