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Drifting to the tropics...with Jimmy Buffett

Happy Friday, fellow Island Runaways! We hope you have a Caribbean getaway or an island escape somewhere on your horizon. In the meantime, while we're on the mainland, we thought we'd indulge in a little island dreaming, courtesy of the man himself, Jimmy Buffett.

Island Runaways

How big of a Buffett fan are you? The reason I ask is that "drifting toward the tropics," the quotation on our picture, is a little line that comes from one of the band leader's newer songs, "Einstein was a Surfer." This catchy tune appealed to us the first time we heard it. You'll find it on Jimmy's 2014 album Songs from St. Somewhere. Curious to hear what it sounds like? Check out the song on the You Tube link below.

This one has a nice islandy-cosmic sound, if that makes sense, and the lyrics are truly awesome. In an interview with Time magazine, he said, "That [song] was almost a novel, that was five or six months of writing. There’s a lot of rhyming in there!" Here are the opening stanzas, written by Buffett and Mac McAnally:

There’s a photo of a genius Standing by the ocean In an pea coat and cool hat In 1943

On a beach in Santa Barbara He’s looking quite contented His world is only matter And energy

Past the Channel Islands Out into the cosmos There are worlds in motion That he can only see

For the full lyrics, click on this link to the page on You'll find all the lyrics for the entire album there, too. I'd be remiss if I didn't give you a link to purchase Songs from St. Somewhere, because here at Island Runaways we're all about supportings artists, musicians, and writers who contribute beauty to our lives.

Speaking of surfing and Jimmy Buffett, as we were searching for "Einstein was a Surfer" we came across this video of the island guy surfing! I hope he wouldn't mind if we post that here. One thing you have to say about Buffett, he looks like he knows have to embrace -- and enjoy -- life!

When we're not soaking in the rays on a Bahamian beach, or paddling through warm ocean in a place like Jamaica, pictures and music can transport us back to warmer climes where palm fronds clatter in the island breeze and all our cares seem to melt away like an ice cube in the sun.

Hope you've enjoyed our little foray in Jimmy Buffett's newer work. Here's to having a great weekend!

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