A little Friday musical happiness from Bob Marley

We've heard it in Negril at Rick's Cafe. We've heard it on little Carriacou in the southern Caribbean Sea. Seems like any Caribbean escape we take, Zickie and I are bound to hear this famous tune. We've even heard it on a Greek island named Hydra, thousands of miles away, in a little bar late at night. You know the song...Three Little Birds?

It must be one of Bob Marley's most endearing and most popular songs. In the lyrics, he delivers a message: "Don't worry, 'Bout a Thing, Cause every little thing's gonna be all right."

Life can throw all kinds of unexpected aggravation and trouble at us, and Bob Marley knew that as much as anyone. Just read his biography, Catch A Fire, and you'll soon see that the singer had his own share of woes. Or maybe more than his fair share. So, my point is that he wrote Three Little Birds not because he was so incredibly carefree and happy-go-lucky, but because as a musician and a native of Jamaica he wanted to remind his country people -- and the world -- to look around, appreciate the morning sun, and even three little birds chirping outside your doorstep.

The song reassures us that everything's going to be all right. And that worrying about what may go wrong rarely does any good. And if that sentiment is easy to forget in today's world, just listen to his song. Doesn't it put you in a better mood?

Here's a video of his son, Ziggy Marley, covering his Dad's tune and carrying on the family's musical heritage. Happy Friday, fellow Island Runaways!

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