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Island Art: bewitching sea creatures by Alison Fennell

There’s nothing like a piece of art to help conjure up the islands, even when your last getaway is but a distant memory. One artist we’ve discovered recently lives far away from Island Runaways headquarters. Alison Fennell paints and makes her home in Wales in the United Kingdom.

Island Runaways

(An endearing seahorse by Alison Fennell. Photo (c) Alison Fennell.)

I first came across photos of Alison’s brilliantly colorful watercolors through her shop, Eastwitching, on Etsy, the online marketplace for hand-made and one of a kind creations. There, on the computer, a snappy crab brimming with personality just called my name. Soon after my order, a signed print was winging its way by air mail all the way to us in Florida. After framing the picture in a simple white frame, I hung it in our living room, so that it greets me every time I come home.


(The snappy crab on our wall. Photo by Island Runaways.)

Other prints look very appealing, even tempting, like this starfish, as beautiful as the one I spotted off the beach in Guadeloupe this past summer:

Caribbean blog

(Starfish by Alison Fennell. Photo (c) Alison Fennell.)

And who can resist a sea turtle?


(Sea turtle by Alison Fennell. Photo (c) Alison Fennell.)

Her original watercolors are priced very reasonably, and her prints (reproductions) are even more affordable, many around $25! So Zickie and I may just have to get another, sooner rather than later. Not only do we love islands, the sea, and the spectacular life you find under the waves, it also feels special to buy a work of art directly from the artist.

Eastwitching Art

(Artist Alison Fennell. Photo (c) Alison Fennell.)

When the sky appears cloudy and gray, or it seems like that vacation to Jamaica or the Bahamas won't come soon enough, just a glimpse of these images is enough to cheer me up! I especially like this vibrant pink flamingo...


(Flamingo by Alison Fennell. Photo (c) Alison Fennell.)

Do you have a favorite work of island art? I hope you'll share it with us. We're always on the lookout for talented artists and wonderful works of art. Thanks, fellow Island Runaways! And thank you, Alison, for creating such lovely watercolors that help us remember the beauty of the natural world.

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