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Island Dreaming: the soft sand shores of Tobago

For years Zickie has told me that the Caribbean island of Tobago was beautiful. When I began to write this post, I asked, figuring that he was somewhat of an expert, "How many times have you been to Tobago?"

His answer: none at all.

Island Runaways

(Pigeon Point, Tobago, by NJ Spicer, Flickr)

This stunned me, because not only has Zickie recounted for ages how gorgeous Tobago beaches are, he also lived on its sister isle of Trinidad for three years, while attending the University of the West Indies. When I thought about it, I realized I've heard from many West Indians how spectacular Tobago is. Had all of them visited? Had any? Maybe. Maybe not. One thing remains clear: the beauty of Tobago has become legendary. This is one island that folks who love tropical, natural beauty will want to see for themselves. I know I do.

Caribbean blog

(Castara Bay, Tobago, NJ Spicer, Flickr)

In the meantime, while we're still dreaming of traveling there, I drummed up a little information on this elusive destination, situated in the southern Caribbean Sea not terribly far from South America. Here are 5 fast facts about this tropical paradise:

1. Its name, Tobago, may have come from the English word Tobacco. Considering Caribbean history and its colonial past (which included vast agricultural estates), this explanation strikes us as entirely plausible.

2. It population comprises approximately 17,000 residents. Needless to say, this means on Tobago you can find peace, quiet, and unspoiled sand and sea. Just like the scenery in the photograph below.

island getaway

(Pigeon Point, Tobago, NJ Spicer, Flickr)

3. Although many islands within the Caribbean are flat and very close to sea-level, Tobago boasts a highest point, Pigeon Peak, at 1804 feet. Compared to some isles, this mountain or hill dominates the landscape like Mount Everest.

4. Because the island rests outside the typical hurricane trajectory, usually Tobago is spared the wrath of these fearsome tropical storms. This makes Tobago an interesting vacation possibility in West Indian hurricane season! (Which runs approximately from June through November.)

5. Are you a fan of Scuba diving? Tobago may just be your ideal destination, with 3 excellent wreck sites, including the Maverick Ferry, for you to explore.

As breath-taking as these photos are, and as convinced by all the talk that we've heard, nothing can substitute for a real experience. More than ever, I'm convinced we need to discover this idyllic locale for ourselves. Have you ever visited Tobago? Can you share some of your experiences? If so, let us know your island tips on our Guest Island Experts page.

Til next time, we'll keep on dreaming of all the islands left to explore...


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