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Coastal Christmas Ornament Countdown!

This year, the Island Runaways decided to give our Christmas island-y theme! Makes perfect sense, right? And looking over our family's collection of Christmas ornaments, it almost surprised me how many had a coastal, nautical, or beach feel.

A few we picked up in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, when Zickie, our daughter, and I were taking a quick Caribbean getaway before heading to Kingston for a family holiday celebration. Others I bought in summer-time on Siesta Key, a beautiful island off Sarasota, Florida.

(The Island Runaways' island Christmas tree, all lit and ready!)

On recent trips to Key West and Key Largo, I couldn't resist buying an ornament. Zickie sort of rolls his eyes at my shopping, but then, when it's time to unpack the decorations, and we spot a surfer Santa or something that recalls a beach vacation, it makes us all smile.

(Surfer Santa)

Or this hand-made pottery mermaid I saw in a little shop that sold crafts from Guatemala:

(A sweet little mermaid from Central America)

(Not all these ornaments, though, were purchased during an island escape! A few came from Pottery Barn and Pier One, and my mother gave me a few others. She knows how I like to collect them.)

So, in honor of the holidays, we'll be posting a few of our very favorite coastal Christmas ornaments hanging on the Island Runaways' tree. Have you ever decorated a beach or island Christmas tree? Or do you ever buy ornaments on vacation (even if it's July)? Let us know!

Whatever your faith, or religious background, Zickie and I wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season! Cheers, friends!

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