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Lunch with an Island View at Paradise Kafé

We Island Runaways met Didier Rault on a Caribbean getaway in Guadeloupe, when we stayed in one of his delightful "Piment Café" cottages on Basse Terre island. Luckily for us, Didier knows the best beaches, the best activities, and of course, the best places to eat! Today he's sharing one of his favorite spots for Island Eats...

Paradise Kafé is an amazing restaurant in Deshaies, a charming fishing village on the western coast of Basse Terre, Guadeloupe. I love its colorful and inventive cuisine and its location on the edge of the sea. It's known for having a relaxed atmosphere and tempting, tasty cocktails. The owner himself decorated the restaurant with a lot of creativity, which gives the place the perfect tropical vibe.

Island Runaways

(Lunch with a view?)

At Paradise Kafé you can't get any closer to the sea and sailboats anchored in the bay of the village -- unless you swim! To get to Paradise Kafé, go to the main street (Boulevard des Poisonniers) in the village of Deshaies and look for the brightly painted entrance between two houses. Voilà! You've found it!

Caribbean blog

(This way to Paradise Kafé!)

A husband-and-wife team runs the restaurant themselves, with him greeting customers and waiting on tables and her cooking up delicious meals in the kitchen. The consistently good food, plus the entertaining atmosphere, has won this simple waterfront spot a host of admirers.

Paradise Kafe Deshaies

(Enjoying an evening with good food and friends)

What can you enjoy at Paradise Kafé? Fantastic homemade hamburgers, for one. Or fish that has literally been just caught in the nearby sea. Want something a little different? How about fried onion beignets? They have a whole menu of tapas so you can chill out with your rum drink (or your beverage of choice), savor some small bites, and watch the sunset.

tropical getaway

(Beautifully fresh crayfish and yummy sauce)

For an authentic taste of the islands and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, I hope you'll check out one of my favorite Deshaies discoveries.

Thank you, Didier, for your advice. We can't wait to try Paradise Kafé. To see more photos of the restaurant and also the entertaining musical evenings, check out their Facebook page.

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