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A Dolphin a day...

Have you ever seen a dolphin in the wild? Maybe while snorkeling on a Caribbean getaway? There's nothing like the thrill of spotting that curved dorsal fin ride joyfully through the ocean. I can vividly remember the times I've suddenly glimpsed a beautiful gray creature flashing through the sea. Once near Dog Island, off the Florida Panhandle, an entire pod of curious dolphins came over to swim near our boat. Such a special moment!

Caribbean blog

(Original photo by Peter Markham, Flickr)

Unfortunately, anytime I've seen a dolphin the wild I have not been ready with a camera. (Too busy enjoying the moment!) So the two dolphins above were snapped by Peter Markham, off Pine Island (in the Gulf of Mexico, off Florida). These handsome guys are Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Below are what I believe to be spotted dolphins, photographed off Key West.

Island Runaways

(Photo by Jay Ebberly, Flickr)

Would a dolphin really drive the Monday blues away? While I can't swear to it, I'm fairly certain that sighting one of these spectacular marine mammals would give anyone a burst of joy and happiness. They are simply one of nature's wonders. Our final dolphin photo comes all the way from the Canary Islands, Spanish territories off the coast of Morocco. (More islands I would love to visit someday...)

island vacation

(Photo by William Warby, Flickr)

If you haven't yet experienced a dolphin riding the wake of your boat in the open water, then we're hoping that one day soon you get to see this for yourself -- during a fabulous island getaway, of course. In the meantime, hope these pictures brought a little lightness to your week.

Happy Monday, fellow Island Runaways!

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