Runaway Happy Hour: a cold Kalik from the beautiful Bahamas

Searching for an island drink to celebrate this Happy Hour? Want to conjure up a Caribbean vacation, in one single sip? You won’t find a more island-y brew than the Bahamas’ own Kalik beer.

This light-colored lager tastes faintly of hops and doesn’t fill you on those warm, tropical afternoons. if ever you want to recreate a Bahamian lunch of conch fritters and a cold Kalik the Abacos, you just might be able to find Kalik in the U.S., because it is fairly widely exported. (In fact, I snapped this photo of the two six packs in a Miami area grocery store.)

These days, Kalik, which is brewed in Nassau, has four varieties: Kalik, Kalik Gold (with a 7 percent alcohol content), Kalik Light (with 4 percent alcohol), and Kalik Lime. My own (Laura's) personal preference is for the classic Kalik, but beer drinkers in search of something heartier praise Kalik Gold.

By the way, you pronounce the name Cah LEEK. Have you already tried a cold Kalik? If so, tell Zickie and me what you think.

Cheers to you, Island Runaways friends! Hope you have a terrific weekend.

#happyhour #bahamas

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