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Runaway Happy Hour: the perfect Piña Colada

Happy Friday, Island Runaway friends! Today’s the day for island cocktails, and we’re revisiting a recent trip to the Dominican Republic. One late afternoon, Zickie and I were feeling in a celebratory mood, and took a walk down the Bavaro beach (in the Punta Cana area). Now, let me set the scene: turquoise-streaked ocean, incredibly (and I do been hard-to-believe) soft sand, and warm but not hot tropical breezes blowing through my hair.

We’ve got a mission, and it’s fairly simple: find a good beach bar. By good, the Island Runaways mean unfussy, unfancy, with a gorgeous view and nice cocktails. A place where the bartender becomes your friend. Where you’re welcome in flip flops and board shorts. You get the picture.

Island Runaways

Then there’s my own secret mission: find a decent Piña Colada. I had had a pretty awful one on this vacation, but I knew that the Dominican Republic could do much, much better. (Although I have a confession to make: I’ve probably had about 8 Piña Coladas in my entire life. They’re not my favorite beach drink, but they do say “happy, island times” to me.)

Tropical vacation

Zickie and I didn’t have to walk very long through the clear-as-gin surf before we came across Poseidon Bar.

Dominican Republic

I liked the look of the place immediately. Laid-back, with a mix of tourists and Dominicans. For me, the presence of locals is usually a sign of good drinks and tasty eats.

So, after we grabbed a table, a friendly waiter brought us a menu, and we ordered, without delay a Piña Colada (para mi) and a Mojito for Zickie. (Zickie loves his mojitos. Seriously.) We kicked back and looked around. The Wifi sign nailed to a palm tree gave me a good chuckle.


(Apparently, the whole world is connected to the internet!) Folks were sitting around and chatting and drinking. After about 10 minutes, the friendly server returned with our beverages.

Caribbean getaway

As I took a sip, it was clear why it took 10 minutes, and not 2. “Fresh pineapple,” I identified. “Coconut cream.” And of course, some delicious rum. All blended together with ice.

On that Bavaro beach, I had an epiphany. THIS is why people love Piña Coladas. It’s not some from-a-mix sickly sweet concoction (although, cheers to you if that’s your preference). A real, authentic Piña Colada is refreshing and gorgeously tropical. I tried to drink mine slowly, because it tasted so very good. But that was a challenge…because it tasted so very good. Rich, creamy, pineapple-y goodness. I was honestly in awe.

As for Zickie’s mojito? He loved it. An ideal mixture of fresh mint, simple syrup, and rum. Refreshing, not too strong, not too weak. Served in the perfect sized glass. Clean, clear, and tasty. Just what the doctor ordered for a vacation celebration.

Caribbean blog

We ordered an appetizer of fried calamari and savored the view.

As far as I was concerned, the relaxed vibe of Poseidon Bar, the cheerfulness of the staff, the excellent cocktails, and the magnificent setting made this a place to recommend to friends. So we’re recommending it to you! Hope you have a great Happy Hour, wherever you are!

To find Poseidon Bar, get to the beach at Bavaro, between Jellyfish Restaurant (a well known spot) and the Barcelo Bavaro Resort. Look for the thatched roof and the green Presidente beer chairs. Cheers!

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