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Run away to...amazing Malta!

by our guest Island Expert, Ruby Z.

A beach is not always miles of sand, sea, and sun. Sometimes it is just plain rock, crystal clear waters, and some sun. In the middle of the Middle Sea (the Mediterranean) lies the small Maltese archipelago, which consists of three little islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Island Runaways

(The Blue Grotto, Goran Miskovic)

If you're visiting Malta, you must see Valletta, St. Peter's Pool, Mdina, Blue Grotto, three bays, three cities, not to mention Dingli clifs...there are really too many beautiful sites to list.

This is a place of great history and strong energies. One can feel the presence of the past, along with a sense of mystery hidden behind famous balconies.

Malta holiday

(Hamrun, Goran Miskovic)

Everything smells ancient in a completely different way than in Greece or Italy (which definitely have great antiquity). This place is very, very old.

Other then the main island of Malta make sure you also visit the smaller island, Gozo.

From the moment you get off the boat you will feel it is different from its sister island Malta. It just is. Not so much traffic, not so many people. You will find it silent and much more lush. Gozo has it's own jewels: Dwejra, Azure Window, and Ramla Beach. The isle is famous for it's orange/red sand.

Malta island getaway

(Ramla, Goran Miskovic)

Island travel

(Dwejra, Goran Miskovic)

Although you might have seen Dwejra in pictures and many movies, nothing can prepare you for facing it in reality. It's ancient and breath taking. Try not just to observe this dramatic scenery from a distance, but to go down the rocks to a natural pool, where you will find a diving paradise, and face Azure Window up close. The first time I saw it up close, I literally lost my breath.

Dwejra pool

(Dwejra pool, Goran Miskovic)

Maltese islands are rocky, wild, dry, and hot. With some places on Earth one communicates with ease, like with old forgotten friend, with others it's not that easy; Malta can be both, but is certainly one of those places that you feel you just know, since forever.

Thank you so much, Ruby, for contributing this terrific guest post and the photographs to Island Runaways. You make us want to see the Malta archipelago and all its beauty.

(All photo credits: Goran Miskovic)

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