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Who? What? Where?

What the heck's an Island Runaway?

No, it's not an island that has broken free from its natural moorings and is drifting across the wide Pacific...about to crash into Australia.

Maybe we better define it, pretty darn quick.

Island Runaway n. 1. A magical trip to the island of your choice, taken purely for pleasure. 2. A person who runs away to the islands to escape the boring side of mainland life. Synonyms: adventurer, escape artist, beach bum, rum aficianado, sun seeker. Antonym: A stuffed shirt.

So, we're all about running away to the islands, but which islands do we have in mind? Well, one of us being from Florida, and the other from the Caribbean, we are naturally biased toward the West Indies, the Florida Keys, and loads of other little Florida isles that speckle the waters off the state like so many tropical sparkles.

But Island Runaways shouldn't be limited...should they? I mean, Europe has some gorgeous spots -- like Hydra in Greece, where you won't see a SINGLE car, or Corsica, which feels wild and untamed. (Well, it was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonparte, the ultimate rebel with a meglomaniacal cause, after all.)

We can't forget the South Pacific, or...basically, a whole host of other paradisical islands. While we might concentrate on our own backyard, we want to venture further afield -- with you, our fellow Island Runaways, and also our Island Experts.

Exploring. Enjoying.


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