Island Style: happy Pura Vida bracelets

Sometimes, when it’s grey or rainy, a little beach-y memento can brighten what otherwise might be a glum and dreary day. That’s why we Island Runaways were excited to discover a company called Pura Vida, which celebrates a life of sand, sea, and freedom from cares. Their simple little bracelets really make us smile.

Island Runaways

But there’s more to their story than making cute bracelets that you can buy and stack, in an array of vibrant colors. You, see, two California guys, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, discovered these bracelets on a trip to Costa Rica. These charming pieces of string were hand-made by two locals, Jorge and Joaquin, who lived in tiny quarters with multiple family members. Griffin and Paul asked the two guys to make them 400 bracelets. Thus, a brilliant business idea was born. Since then, “Pura Vida” has developed into a successful company, with the bracelets sold in boutiques, surf shops, and a range of stores.

Pura Vida

Today, Jorge and Joaquin not only have a decent quality life-style, they work with 65 other Costa Rican Pura Vida employees to create these bracelets by hand, just for you and me. And Pura Vida’s good deeds don’t end there: they also sell bracelets with part of the profits going to help protect the oceans, fund children’s education, and aid animal rescue organizations.

In Spanish, “Pura Vida” means pure life. This refers to appreciating the world around you, and not rushing through life at a million miles a minute. Taking time to savor nature and good friends. It’s an alluring message. Learn more about the vision of this special company here.

Caribbean beach

I love the idea that purchasing these pieces of string -- some with beads, and others with anchors and feathers -- means money goes to good causes. Plus, since they start at $5 each, they’re not out of reach for most people.

Island Style bracelets

I can see wearing my stack, in blues and greens, out at a beach shack bar in Negril or on Culebra in Puerto Rico. Or just here, back on the mainland, when we’re heading out to do some everyday chore, like grocery shopping. A glance at the wrist elicits a smile, memories of being near the ocean, of walking barefoot in the sand. “Pura Vida.” Sounds like a very, very good motto.

ISLAND RUNAWAYS bonus: Pura Vida is offering us a 10% discount. Just enter the code CASAS10 at checkout. Thanks, Pura Vida! Gracias!

(All photos courtesy of Pura Vida.)


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