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Dreaming of...a mystery island

So here's a little riddle for our Island Runaways friends: which island has incredibly beautiful scenery, is NOT in the Caribbean, was invaded from time to time by the British, has a population of about 95,000 people...and begins with the letter M?

Let us give you a visual hint:

island runaways

Any ideas?

I almost traveled here years ago, but in the end, fixed on a different island instead. The whims of fate, and the convenience of a direct, short flight -- that's what made the decision.

This photograph makes me want to travel to this exact spot. Something about the sea, clear as a bottle of mineral water, and the rocky outcropping, the boats, and the beach...makes me think: yes, here I would happily pass an afternoon or two. Doing almost nothing. Swimming, lounging, eating, napping, chatting, floating.

But WHERE is it?

This Sunday we're longing for an island that begins with the letter "M."

(Photo: Cristian Santinon, from Flickr)

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