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Zoom into the week!

Sometimes, we don't look forward to Mondays. There's a whole heap of work waiting to be done, and a list of "must do's." But then we look at a photo of the ocean, and we Island Runaways feel momentarily renewed. O.K., we can do this!

Just like this snapshot we captured off Lido Key, off the Gulf Coast of Florida. (This Sarasota-area island has a laid-back, comfortable vibe, but the scenery looks simply stunning. No wonder it's one of our favorite Florida spots.)

Island Runaways

Maybe it's hard to wake up Monday morning, and maybe we aren't away on a gorgeous island vacation just at this exact second, but...let's take a deep breath, plunge in, and zoom into the week.

We Island Runaways wish you all good things from Monday through Friday, and far, far beyond.

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