Awesome island style: Island Company

So, let's say you've bought your tickets. Your traveling companion, ready. Your sights, set: the island of your dreams. You don't want to pack a lot. Maybe a pair of flip-flops, sunscreen, a few essentials, bathing suit, stuff to throw on so you can...concentrate on having the time of your life.

Which leads us to a slogan that sounds pretty darn appealing: Quit your job, Buy a Ticket, Get a Tan, Fall in Love, Never Return. Sound tempting?

Well, we didn't invent it; this is the slogan of Island Company, a rather intriguing brand that has been promoting the island lifestyle for a few years now.

I first ran across their stuff while searching for a comfortable, flattering bikini (sort of like looking for the Holy Grail, but much more challenging). Then we came across Island Company and its founder, Spencer Antle, who really examplifies the laid-back, tropical vibe.

So, short story long, one of us (Laura) loved their bikini and was really impressed with the fabric (soft but supportive) and the construction. Then we discovered their cool t-shirts with the "Quit your job" slogan (egging us all on to become island runaways).

Even the suncreen is groovy:

Suncreen comes in 4 varieties: local, islander, traveler, tourist. What's your SPF strength? Regardless, the Island Company packaging makes even wearing sun protection fun.

Their clothes -- like board shorts for men and light linen dresses for women -- are youthful but classic. You can imagine rolling them up into a small bag and heading out for the seaplane or a catamaran. One thing on our wish list; their "board skirt," a hybrid of surf short and cute skirt for women. What a terrific invention!

Most of all, we want to toast the creativity and originality of Island Company, encouraging us all to step outside the humdrum, deeply inhale the sea breezes, and savor all that's grand about island living. Cheers!

(All photos courtesy Island Company)


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