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Dreaming of...the Orkney Islands

A lot of the islands we celebrate at Island Runaways are famous for their sandy beaches and warm, inviting waters. But today we're dreaming of travels to another kind of place...the Orkneys, off the northeastern tip of Scotland.

Island Runaways

A few quick facts: the Orkneys are an archipelago of 70 islands, although only 20 are inhabited by people. It surprised us to learn that the largest of the islands is known as the "Mainland." The photo just above shows Kirkhall, home to the Orkneys' largest population.

Why do we dream of exploring here one day? Maybe its remote isolation?


It's incredibly well-preserved Neolithic ruins and settlements?


Or is it the Orkneys' rustic, rural way of life, far from the nerve-jangling noise of traffic jams and highways?


There's so much we don't know about these Scottish isles. Until we get the chance to discover them for ourselves, we're hoping one of our readers and Island Runaway friends will share their experiences and advice about how best to enjoy the beautiful, rugged Orkneys.

(Photos: 1. Kirkwall Harbor, calflier 001, 2. Orkney - View of Stromness, Greg Willis, 3. Neolithic Village, Fiore Silvestro Barbato, 4. Sheep, Corentin Cavalli, Flickr license here)

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