Who are these Island Runaways?

OK, so we've defined what the heck "Island Runaway" means in a previous post. But who exactly are the folks running this blog/website/island-fantasy-internet-hub?

We'd love to introduce ourselves.

The person writing these words is Laura Albritton, a writer, guest blogger, Florida native, guidebook author, mom, former university English teacher (don't hold that against her), and world traveler. She is a sucker for beautiful beaches, and also abandoned animals, especially dogs (which explains her collection of pets).

Her other half (some say her better half) and the shutterbug contributing gorgeous photos to the site is none other than Zickie Allgrove. While his day job involves his geeky passion -- engineering -- this Kingston, Jamaica native also loves to photograph the natural beauty of the Caribbean, Florida, and other gorgeous places around the world.

For some reason, we've always been drawn to islands. Maybe it's their isolation, or their uniqueness, the way each island has developed at its own pace and rhythm.

What's amazed us is how many other people long to run away to the islands. Who savor these islands escapes. Who can appreciate the beauty, beaches, bars, people, music, art, food, history -- the whole gamut!

We are so excited that you're joining us on this journey!


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