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Flip-flop Paradise

One alternative name for this blog was going to be "Flip-Flop Paradise." (Whad'ya think...?)


But despite the fact that we liked the ring of it, the whole flip-flop thing felt just a tad bit limiting.

By that I mean to say, running away to an island doesn't always involve flip-flops, does it? What if you're hiking through the Blue Mountains of Jamaica? Or ambling around Scotland's Outer Hebrides on a blustery afternoon?

Still, when we're jaunting around a Caribbean beach or strolling through Key West, flip-flops seem to fit the bill. Sometimes I sneak a look at what brand my fellow travelers are wearing. (Quick aside: some people call them "thongs" or "slippers" while here in the U.S.A. people definitely refer to them as "flip-flops." I wonder what they're called in Spanish? French?) Anyway...back to my point!


It astounds me the number of Havaianas I see people wearing, whether it's on Guadeloupe or on the beach in Negril, Jamaica. Travelers love 'em. They've been around for a while, but their popularity never seems to wane. Why, I wonder.

Let me confess: I own a couple pair, and wear them all the time. My current favorite Havaianas are black with peacock feathers decorating the soles.

Some people prefer the classic solid ones with the little Brazilian flag. How did Brazilians figure out how to make such perfect flip-flops? And why are they called "Havaianas" which, I believe in Portuguese means Hawaiian? Maybe something to investigate!


Another Brazilian company, Ipanema, also exports their flip-flops all over the world. I hear they're extremely comfortable. Have you tried them? I'm curious.

Of course, there loads of flip-flop brands, all with their own loyal followings. And there's nothing wrong with picking up a pair at the drugstore. After all, they're nothing fancy, just pieces of rubber.


Unless you're like Zickie, that is, and you wear Sanuks. These are partly leather.

We'd love to hear what kind of flip-flops -- or other footwear -- you like when you're Running Away to your Island of choice!

Photo 1: "Jam and her Jamaica Havaianas," iamsuperkane, from Flickr

Photo 3: "Footbridge Beach," lvv@dzehk from Flickr

Photos 2 and 4: Havaiana photo/from Havaiana Facebook page

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