Island Music: Time to Stir It Up?

What's the quintessential island music? Jimmy Buffet? Reggae? Zouk? Salsa? Does it have to come from the Caribbean? What about Balinese gamelan music?

This question could easily lead to a major dispute or argument. Should we lay bets? Draw swords?

The fact is that the soundtrack for Island Runaways is as diverse and unusually melodic as the islands themselves. Some folks are Parrot Heads, others want to rock out to the rhythm-heavy tones of Reggaeton. What about calypso? Soca? The list goes on...

But what we can possibly all agree on is the unequaled musical genius of Bob Marley. Jamaican, Rasta, band leader, pater familias, Marley was no ordinary musician, and no ordinary man.

Endure the 4 second commercial (then Skip Ad) to view this awesome footage of Marley himself singing one of his most iconic songs.

(Photo of Bob Marley: Monosnaps, Flickr)

#jamaica #islandtunes

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