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Island Bliss: Cap Corse

Corsica is not a low key island. You'll find rocky, dramatic scenery with ocean vistas that will blow your socks off. Apologies for the cliché, but this island paradise has huge stony bluffs, hills where narrow roads turn at impossible angles, and beaches with devastating Mediterranean views. I've never forgotten the incomparable beauty.


Both the French and the Italians fought over this enchanting, rocky outcropping for many years, and the result is an extremely interesting culture, with French élan and Italian warmth, and yet a purely Corsican identity and style.

Cap Corse (featured in the photo) is a peninsula that juts into the sea at the very north-eastern point of the Corsican isle. Be prepared for sensational beauty, far beyond the electronic distractions of daily life. Simply magnificent.

(Photo credit: Daniel Cremona, from Flickr)

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